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JetWay Power Wash LLC is pleased to offer commercial pressure washing services to businesses, government agencies, healthcare facilities, multi-family communities, hospitality facilities and non-profit organizations in the metro Charlotte NC region. We have the logistics, manpower and know-how to tackle any size commercial pressure wash project from small to large.

Why should you have the exterior of your establishment pressured washed?

You will stand out from other businesses and demonstrate that you care about your customers, employees, and visitors by keeping the outside surfaces of your facility clean and clear of unsightly organic growths and unpleasant stains. Unattractive stains give buildings a run-down, poorly maintained, and careless appearance. The public does not want to see it, but it is simple to become complacent and let things slide. We are prepared to assist. Maintaining the outside surfaces of your property in the best condition will go a long way toward attracting new customers and staff as well as keeping them on board. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. To get rid of some safety risks, you need to get pressure washing done frequently. Customers and employees are at risk of falling when there is grease and filth on concrete surfaces. Additionally, it can draw many sorts of insects and rodents. 


Joining together with JetWay Power Wash LLC to handle all of your outdoor cleaning requirements is a fantastic decision if your facility is located in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. We have the resources—logistics, tools, and labor—to undertake works of various sizes. We power wash all different kinds of surfaces, external walls, concrete, walkways, and signs. The following are a few advantages of using JetWay Power Wash:

  • prompt response times and job scheduling that takes clients' time constraints into account

  • equipped with commercial-grade machinery and qualified experts to complete the task quickly and correctly;

  • dependable business that consistently produces high-quality work and pays attention to details;

  • Flexible work schedules to provide for 24-hour availability of the task to minimize operational disturbances;
    pricing that is straightforward and competitive;

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